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Segmentation of Knee Images 2010

Welcome to the SKI10 website. The goal of SKI10 is to compare different algorithms for cartilage and bone segmentation from knee MRI data. Knee cartilage segmentation is a clinically relevant segmentation problem which has gained considerable importance in recent years. Among others, it is used to quantify cartilage deterioration for the diagnosis of Osteoarthritis and to optimize surgical planning of knee implants. See this paper for further details.

SKI10 started out as one of the three competitions of the Grand Challenge Workshop 2010, organized in conjunction with the MICCAI 2010 conference. It is part of a series of challenges for segmentation and registration of medical image data - for a complete list of all challenges see here.

How does it work?

After reading the rules, you can register for the knee segmentation competition. This will give you access to a large quantity of training and test data for knee segmentation. You are allowed to use any method for segmentation, automatic or inter-active, novel or well-established. The results of your method on the supplied test data can be submitted anytime. Your segmentations will then be evaluated using a number of well-established quantitative measures, and an entry for your team with all numbers will be added to the results table.

For further information, see the answers to frequently asked questions or e-mail Tobias Heimann.

Who is organizing the challenge?

SKI10 is organized by the the following people:

The content of the SKI10 website is copyrighted Tobias Heimann and Bram van Ginneken.